Information for translators

Thank you for your wish to help translating my apps!

Translation projects

Please find the list of translation projects of all my apps.

General information

Despite of dedicated translation projects for my specific apps, my apps are using some common texts located in Fulmine Tools Library translation project. To completely translate my apps please join this project too.

Before starting translation please get familiar with the app. You can download it for free from my developer app store page. It will make translation much easier and the result should be much better!

I'll be also grateful if you find and propose fixes to American English version. If you have any suggestions about English version please join the English, US team. Users with very good, fluent knowledge of English, US are preferred.

Get PRO version for free

The most helpful and engaged translators will be rewarded by promotional code that allows to download paid version of my app for free! This concerns only apps that have separate, paid PRO version.

Promotional codes will be sent to those of you who:

1) Send an e-mail message when you think criterias from point 2 and 3 below are met, with the following information:

a) if you are at least 13 years old,

b) if you want to get translated app's Pro version for free.

2) The language to which you were translating is 100% translated at the moment of sending me the message from point 1.

3) You are one of the most active translators of my app to the language mentioned in point 2.

4) I'll positively verify criterias from point 1 to 3 and agree to send you promotional code. Final decision to send promotional code belongs only to me or Fulmine Software and can be positive or negative.

Additionally please note that:

1) To use promotional code, Pro version of the app have to be available in your country on Google Play for purchase.

2) The number of promotional codes is limited.

3) Promotional code cannot be transferred to other users, cannot be exchanged for cash and have no cash value.

4) We can withdraw or disable promotional code at any time and without any notification or explanation sent to you.

5) To use a promotional code you'll have to accept the following Terms and Conditions or any other Terms and Conditions that Google Inc. will ask you to accept regarding the use of the promotional code.

Privacy policy

Feel free to read our Privacy Policy too.