Battery Indicator Pro


Battery Indicator Pro is an application that allows to display battery information in Android's status bar and status bar details (shown when you slide down from top of the screen). It was developed for persons for whom Android's default battery level indicator doesn't provide enough satisfying information or access to Android battery use information is too difficult.

Key features of our Battery Indicator are:

Application is currently avaliable in following languages:

We would like to provide as many language versions as possible, but we need help in translation. If you are able to translate it from any of currently supported languages you can help us. If your translation will cause new language version of the software and you'll update your language version for new application's versions, we'll mention your name in application credits as a translator, with your approval. So hurry up, be first and become our translator!

We want to improve the quality of this product permanently. If you see bugs or any other issues for example in translation/language or just want to propose new features, please .

This product is distributed under terms of following End User Licensing Agreement (EULA), please read it before downloading. By downloading this product you agree on terms of the EULA.

There is also a free version avaliable.